Brief on the results for the 2021 GA held on March 13 at the office terraza:

 2021 Budget was presented without an increase for this year, but a proposal from the floor was made. An adjustment to the monthly base cuota in the amount of  110 pesos (5.50 USD), voted and approved.  2021 base cuota is now 1000 pesos, retroactive to Jan 1st, 2021. Minutes of the GA are being prepared to be sent out for protocolization (certified by a notary) in order to have this legally recorded. 


If you have prepaid 2021 cuota, at your earliest convenience, please check with the office to pay the difference.


The BOD positions are as follow:


Peter Edwards - President 

Miguel Castillo - Treasurer

Ester Solano - Secretary  

Doug Scott - Member

Hebina Hood - Member

Francisco Trejo - Member 

Lynell Wellman - Member

Chuck Poulsen - Member

WELL UPDATE - February, 2021

See video of the work being done. The current depth is 110 mts. The goal is to hit 200 mts, to have enough room to work with the aquifere levels and the possible need to get the pump lower for better water supply. The driller found water at 85 mts depth but as I mentioned we need to go deeper to secure fracc water availability. So far, we can't have an exact flow that the new well will provide, but it is estimated to be around 20 lts per second which is very good and will also help reduce electricity costs for the pump. The drilling might take another 3 to 4 weeks.


To all of those residents that have not completed the special assessment (8300 pesos per water connection) we invite you to come to the office and take care of this. The dead line to do it is March 31,2021. If payment is not received your water supply will be reduced and a fine of 2500 pesos will be charged to your fees.


Office hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 2 pm and 3 to 5 pm. You can always call to make sure the office is open. As you know my job goes some times out of the office to take care of fracc bussiness.


We are happy to inform you that the new well drilling has begun.

It has taken us some time to get the area prepared so the driller can get his equipment on site and set up. 

The well driller hopes to be completed in six to eight weeks.  The well may take a little longer if he runs into hard ground.

We have paid him one third of his original quote. We will need to pay him an additional third when he gets about halfway and the rest when the well is complete.

That being said, those of you who have opted not to start paying until the well was started need to start paying.

We will need all accounts to be paid in full by no later than March 31, 2021

Those who have not paid will have their water restricted.

Thank you all for being patient. 


Pete Edwards 

President Chapala Haciendas

Chapala, Jalisco January 14, 2021


Any noise after 11pm is in violation of the Chapala noise ordinance.  Please respect your neighbors and keep noise at a respectable level. Otherwise, you may be reported.


Please ensure your dogs are “on leash” when they are not on your property.

And, don’t forget to clean up after your dog.


Garbage collection (including garden trash) is picked up three times a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Please keep in mind that pickup cannot be done when the truck is down for maintenance. In those cases garbage is usually picked up the next day.